Friday, July 29, 2011

Join me on Facebook now!

I finally just added a facebook account for all my crafts, home decor, cooking, DIY's, etc.  I really am trying to focus on my blog, my crafting, and my Etsy shop (still in the works!  coming soon!) and hopefully gain some more followers/friends by doing this.  I have learned from many of the talented bloggers out there that you really have to be involved in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social networks to lead the way to your blog that lots may be very interested in, but just don't know about it yet.  You may not have to do ALL of them, but doing at least one of them does boost your stats.  So click here and add me or click the Facebook button on the sidebar.  See you there!

I just love Fridays!  J gets off at noonish today and we're going to see Cowboys and Aliens!  He's been waiting for this to come out for months now!

Have a super weekend!

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DianeMoneyGoolsby said...

Shona: your housewarming card and 'accessories' are wonderful! Great project--beautifully done!