Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blender drinks!

Hey everyone!  I have a fun recipe for you that you can make right in your mason jar!  I love drinking out of the mason jars of all sizes.  I grew up in the south and it just feels right!

I am also a little...ok a lot.....obssessed with the Skinny Girl products.  I love Bethenny - she is so tell-it-like-it-is, a real go-getter, funny and she really made something out of nothing.  Skinny Girl was just an idea she had and she went for it.  I find her a real inspiration.  So I am making the Skinny Girl Strawberry Margarita!  Of course, you could substiitue any type of drink mix, fruit, or whatever you want for this - you could get really crazy!

  This is what you need:

Drink mix, fruit, salt or sugar depending on your drink, standard mouth mason jar (no wide mouth), ice and blender.

I'm using lime in my drink, so just trim off the rind

Next just pour in about 3/4 glass of your drink mix, chop up some fruit and throw in your lime and whatever else you're adding. 

It looks so pretty in there!

Now add your ice

Now comes the fun part!  Screw on the attachment to your blender.

Now put it on your blender and blend away!  Isn't that a really cool trick?!!

and that's it!  You have a really yummy drink!  I really wish I had some of those really cute paper straws to use in my mason jar......gotta get some of those!

Now I want one! 

P.S.  Bethenny.....if you are reading have my permission to use this in any way you want!  (haha!  Bethenny reading my blog....yeah right!)

I have found some other really yummy drink recipes on some other blogs that I stalk....I mean, read....that I will post for you soon!  Enjoy!


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gillian greding said...

oh my gosh, this looks a-mazing! as i sit here sipping on my not so festive diet coke. lame

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is SUPER cute!